How does this whole Dogrun and Agility field thing operate?


At Harperland we have 3 facilities (the fourth, a large dogrun, will open soon); a 2 acre secure dog walking field, an indoor arena and a fully equipped dog agility training field. Each one is available to hire on a sessional basis ...


Each Run is booked using the "Book NOW" link to the left. .

  • book up to 2 months ahead of time
  • or as little as 15 minutes beforehand
  • reminders by text and email
  • reschedule yourself up to 2 1/2 hours beforehand

Newfield Dogrun

A 2 acre secure dog walking field around 300m west of Dundonald in Ayrshire, available to book in 45 minute slots, with large rain shelter and water on site.

  • space for cars to park inside the Dogrun
  • drive up, close the gate behind you and let your dog run wild
  • after your 45 minutes, you have a few minutes to load up and leave before the next group turn up
  • toilet facilities available at Harperland Agility
  • Dead simple

Harperland Indoor Arena


Formerly a horse livery yard, this is now available to book in 30 minute slots.

  • lighting available late evenings/winter
  • plenty of parking up close
  • agility equipment available by special request
  • toilet facilities on site

Harperland Dog Agility Field

  • Fully equiped with professional quality agility equipment
  • although fenced, it's not secure in the way the Dogruns are
  • bookable in sllots of 30 minutes
  • parking at the entrance
  • toilet facilities on site

Harperland Dogrun - opening soon

  • A 2 acre field with drive up parking
  • 6' high fencing
  • chickenwire/rabbit fence to 3' high
  • on site toilet facilities
  • bookable in 30 minute slots