Rules, Terms & Conditions - this is what you agree to every time you book

You accept these every time you book online, these are easier to read!

These are subject to change. Common sense and common courtesy should be used at all times

  • Please respect our neighbours' privacy, peace and quiet
  • Follow the Countryside Code when walking in the fields (to or from the Run)
    • There are often horses in the fields - they are used to dogs, are very inquisitive and friendly but should behind and electric fence
    • I use the field for various activities aside from animals. When machinery is involved please keep well back just in case.
  • Dogs must be kept continuously vaccinated and treated for ticks, worms, and fleas etc
  • You MUST clean up and tidy up after your dog and yourselves
    • "See a poo, pick it up" - the law of averages means you will miss yours occasionally so if you see one then you are expected to deal with it. This is for EVERYONE's benefit including yours.
    • Do NOT let your dog dig holes, they can cause others to break legs. There is a shovel in the shelter for you to fill them in
    • Tidy up toys, and return them to the shelter if borrowed, broken bist should be binned
  • Dog to ADULT human ratio is a maximum of 4:1 maximum of 6 dogs- for poo finding reasons!
    • Exceptions can be made by contacting Andrea by text, email or Facebook message
  • Dogs MUST be kept on a lead and under control whilst outside the Runs
    • The field is stock proof but not dog proof, we do our best but don't guarantee that your dog cannot escape
  • Parking
    • Please park considerately to allow others to get in and out
    • At Newfield, do not park on the road or verge but inside the Run only
  • Dog poos
    • ONLY corn starch composting poo bags like the ones supplied free of charge should be used.
    • full bags should be put in the bin marked "compostable ONLY"
    • Non compostable rubbish should be put in the bin marked "Rubbish
  • You may meet other members walking to or from the Run, please keep a good distance away - not all dogs are friendly or relaxed
    • Please be ready to leave as your slot ends so the next group can come in without hassle - their dogs may be nervous or not dog friendly.
    • If you arrive early or the leaving group is running late, please stay WELL back from the gate for the same reason.
    • give priority to those coming in
    • Be polite and give people a chance to move
    • Do not, under any circumstances, enter a Run whilst someone is in. Call over to them and wait at a polite distance for them to leave.
  • Special Offers
    • Special Offers are subject to their own T&Cs, can subject to availability and where they are in conjunction with other Businesses no liability is accepted by Harperland Dogruns for any problems outwith its control.
  • Booking, Rescheduling and Cancellation policy
    • Bookings can be made up to 20 minutes before the start time (text reminders usually arrive within 15 minutes)
    • you can reschedule your own bookings up to 3 hours before the start time (free of charge)
    • Rescheduling due to unsafe weather can be made at ANY time by contact me (even during your slot!)
    • Cancellations for refund must be requested at least 24 hours in advance are subject to a 50p fee to cover paypal/credit card charges

I agree to abide by these rules and accept that use of these facilities is done at my own risk and my and my dogs' behaviour and actions are my sole responsibility and no claim can be made against Dodside Dogruns or the landowner.


errors & ommissions excepted. Liable to change without notice. Last updated June 6th 2019